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Our walls are carefully thought up and built as the centerpiece of your climbing gym. With our architectural approach,  minimalist   style  and unique texture, OnSite walls are designed to create a modern ambiance with an ideal route setting canvas for all levels of climbers.

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We heard you! The cost of building a bouldering gym is too high and you'd like to install it yourself. To answer that call, Onsite has simplified its manufacturing processes.

The new preset Blocks offer the same quality build, are 30% cheaper and retain the unique aesthetic that made Onsite the fastest growing wall producer.

It’s not a compromise, it’s Blocks.



OnSite is bringing real rock climbing  to the city with the Urban Boulder. We have developed the expertise to design, sculpt and transport huge blocks of granite in order to offer cities the possibility to add value to their urban landscape architecture through a unique, social and sport oriented installation.



Easy to assemble, move and store, our mobile wall solutions are perfect for festivals, events, pop-up installations, summer terrace climbing and even more. They are optimized for temporary installation, but strong enough to be permanent if desired. See our store for more details.

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Our flooring solution is designed for comfort and safety. We use covers made of 1000D Nylon and velcro joints for ease of maintenance. You can also choose some area to be easily foldable to optimize your space for events, alternative activities or simply to enable access to some restricted area during route setting.

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