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Your New Private Gym

Get the most flexible tool for climbing

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T Nut Pattern

For adding holds easily


Angle Adjustment

5° to 70° angle

Different Systems

Fits Kilter, Tension, Moon,  Grasshopper, and spray wall

Easy Set Up

Installed in 12 hours

Angle Adjustment Options

Easily and safely change the angle of your board

Angle Adjustment System_Fixed Chain.png

Fixed Chains

Angle Adjustment System_Winch.png

Electric Winch with Side Links

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Holds Systems

Our board can fit your own set of holds or patterns from

Different Board Sizes

Variety of options that adapt to your space and needs

7′ (w) X 10′ (h)

8′ (w) X 10′ (h)

8′ (w) X 12′ (h)

10′ (w) X 12′ (h)

10′ (w) X 10′ (h)

12′ (w) X 12′ (h)

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Climbing For

Endless possibilities at your fingertips, starting at $1,950 USD

Get Padding

Add it to your order, starting at $900 USD


80" (w) x 60" (h) x 9" (d)

Custom Size 9" (d) 

Custom Size 12" (d)


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